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A library is a space where you can access learning.  It might be articles, videos, interactive 360 degree content, or personal and professional learning.  We cater for all of that, and make it simple and fun. 

If you’re an organisation looking for a clean and simple way to deliver your eLearning, with robust reporting, enrolment, and bulk emailing options, contact us to get yourselves a library. 

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By Tim Danes

Equality and creating opportunities for others is something that gets me up in the morning, so I was really touched when I learnt about the work that GenU are doing in Geelong for people with disabilities. To help share their story, I created a simple 360 degree walk-through of their facilities, with a voice-over by Georgie Knight (General Manager) and added it to the LearningX Public Library.

If you are like me, and are excited to hear about their work, or you know someone who would benefit from connecting with them, please share.




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What is LearningX?

We call it ‘the YouTube of eLearning’.  It’s consumable, simple, and has all the reporting functionality you’d expect for a Learning Management System.

What sets us apart from everyone else is that we’ve figured out how to deliver really rich content, and really diverse content, but still keep it simple for everyone, including System Administrators (which are often a significant hidden cost for an LMS).

What is a 'Library'?

The Libraries on LearningX are an extension of real world libraries.

There are many different types of libraries, and as a Library Owner you can choose how you want to set it up. Some of the options include:

  • Provide free, once-off payment, or subscription membership options
  • Restrict content to particular Groups within your Membership
  • View eLearning reports and data
  • Invite and bulk enrol users into your Groups
  • Run your Instagram, YouTube, or RSS feeds
  • Create member-only discussion


What is a '360 interactive'

In Google Streetview we get to see surrounding areas, and we get the ‘context’ for the location.

We’ve taken the same principle, applied it to eLearning, and amplified the options:

  • Image/album popups
  • Information (text/image/album) popups
  • Video popups
  • Interactive 360 degree videos
  • etc.

The result is richer experiences, deeper understanding, and far more engaging content.

See for yourself:  Scroll further down the page to and click on the ‘Heide Museum of Modern Art – Sculpture Park walkthrough‘ item.

What is a 'Newsfeed Learning'

There was a moment in time when, as an Educational Designer, I realised that most of my learning was taking place on either YouTube or in my Newsfeeds.

‘Newsfeed Learning’ is created to be highly consumable / scrollable content.  It has some interactive elements (including the capacity to inject 360 interactives), but the point is to deliver a lot of information in an easily consumable manner.  Perfect for sitting on the train, plane, or micro-learning in your spare time.

See for yourself:  Scroll further down the page to ‘Sponsored’ and click on the ‘3 important questions organisations ask about LearningX Libraries‘ item.

Can you help us out with content?

We have a team of people with years of experience in this space and pride ourselves in offering high quality products and services.  For content, we can help you with:

  • Educational Design (mapping curriculum frameworks and improving the learning outcomes)
  • Graphics (UI/UX)
  • Content Development
  • Learning Management System (LMS) setup and integration
  • Maintenance and Support

See ‘About Us‘ in the top menu to learn more.

Can we get a LearningX Library?

As you can see from the site, you can choose to put your content in the Public Library, or we can create you a stand-alone library with it’s own reporting, comment areas, and bulk-enrolment options.

See ‘About Us‘ in the top menu to learn more.


Our YouTube playlist that provides hints, tips, and insights from our experiences in the eLearning space.


360 experiences, travel, arts and culture … explore and enjoy.



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