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So you've been told to create a course ...

This course is designed for people who have been thrown into the world of eLearning, and they're not sure where to start. 

It talks about the different options you might want to consider, and how that might impact cost, risk, and future options.  

We want you to make sustainable and well thought out decisions, and we think this is a good starting point.  

Feel free to contact us if you'd like further information, or something else added to the course. 
Exploring options for LMS-ready content
Need to get eContent for a course, but not sure where to start?  
This might be the module for you. Using a PMI ('Plus', 'Minus' and 'Interesting') framework, we guide you through some of the considerations that come into play for Off-the-shelf (OTS) vs. translating Office documents into LMS-ready eLearning.

Articulate Storyline vs Articulate Rise Comparison
If you need to figure out whether to use Articulate Rise, or Articulate Storyline, this might be the micro-learning for you.

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